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GHEE (Rs.250)

Price : Rs. 250 Quantity: 1 Bottle

Contains 99.7 percent milk fat. Manufactured by melting fresh cream under hygienic conditions. Milma ghee has the ideal golden yellow colour due to presence of natural carotene in cow milk. (In contrast, ghee manufactured from buffalo milk is white in color). No artificial colours or flavours are added in Milma ghee. Natural aroma and flavour of ghee is retained since ghee is produced directly from fresh cream instead of going in for melting stored butter

PEDA (Rs.500)

Price : Rs. 500 Quantity: 1 Packet

A natural milk toffee manufactured by the heating and removal of a major portion of the water content of fresh milk and by the addition of sugar. No colour or preservatives are added. Natural carotene in the milk gives the product its characteristic colour. Ideal for children and as an after-food sweet.